7.3.1 Data Model

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Figure 7.3.1-1 shows the UML diagram of the BHA run data object.

The top-level BHA run object:

  • Captures information about the run itself, which includes:
  • Identifying information about the run (e.g., run number, start/stop times, etc.)
  • Purpose and status (final, progress, plan) of the run
  • Information about estimated and actual dogleg severity
  • References:
  • The wellbore in which the run occurs
  • The configuration of the string (Tubular)
  • Drilling parameters (DrillingParams) object, which contains statistical and calculated operations data for the run, related to depths, activities, temperature, pressure, flow rates, torque, etc.

These statistical and computed values are often based on raw data that are captured in a channel data object (see 5.3.1 Channel), for example, hook load and weight on bit. Other values, for example mud class, come from other sources and are captured here.

Figure 7.3.1-1 UML diagram of the BHA run data object.