7.5.1 Business Purpose

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Data captured and transferred using the wellbore markers object has these uses:

  • Helps with drilling planning and operations; for example:
  • Guide geosteering (the act of adjusting the borehole position (inclination and azimuth angles) “on the fly” while drilling a borehole) to reach one or more geological targets, when encountering obstacles that require deviation from the drilling plan.
  • Optimize drilling operations based on the formation angle, for example, a horizontal reservoir could be better exploited with a horizontal well.
  • Helps with assessing hydrocarbon potential and reservoir quality, by contributing information to determine:
  • Chronostratigraphic age. The maturity of the formation is useful information in estimating the potential of source rock (where hydrocarbons were initially produced).
  • Formation angles (dip information) and continuity of the reservoir based on the depth and angles of the formation in different wells.
  • Sequence stratigraphy, which is important in identification of a petroleum system and its potential for production of hydrocarbons.