Event: Definition

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

An event used in the context of the completion data object is any action or scope of work associated with the work on completion. Events are transferred in the Well CM Ledger data object (see 8.2.2 Well Construction and Maintenance Ledger (Event Ledger) , 8.2.2 Well Construction and Maintenance Ledger (Event Ledger) ).

Note that events may include activities that do NOT result in a physical change to the wellbore equipment, for example, reports, inspections, and meetings. However, the events of primary interest for the completion data object are those that add to, modify, or remove components from a completion.

To accommodate the nested or hierarchical nature of the work, events may be nested within events, by referring to a parent event. Thus, an event such as “complete the well” may have no parent, but subsequent events that were part of the completion operation may show the “complete the well” event as their parent.

Any WITSML data object can be referenced in an event, in addition to the downhole component data objects, as explained below. In addition, specific “Event Extension” data objects can be referenced, where these are specific to the kind of event, e.g., the stim job data object for a stimulation event. These data objects supply the operational details of an event to supplement the changes to the completion itself transferred using the set of completion data objects.