9.1.1 Business Purpose

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Stimulation jobs, such as fracturing services, are performed on wells for the primary purpose of enhancing oil and gas production. Fracturing treatments are a very complex process and generate large volumes of data. This data is very valuable in determining the efficiency and optimization of oil and gas production from a well and at a broader level, the effect on the reservoirs within a field; therefore, it is essential that all data generated is properly recorded so it can be provided to the operator of the well.

The stim job object now allows the transfer of information describing both a stimulation design and the as-executed job, including a summary report of what was pumped, how it was pumped, observations made during the job, and summary interpretations of observed data.

The summary report content is already essentially standardized across fracturing service providers, with only slight differences in format and content. Historically, this data was provided to the well operator as a paper report. The previous version of the stim job object made it possible for fracturing service companies to consistently create and transmit an electronic version of this data to the operator.