9.2 Overview of Major Changes and New Features

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Because the previous version of the stim job object was widely used, this section provides a summary of changes from the previously published version to the current version.

Table 9.2-1 Summary of High-Level Changes v1.4.1. 1 Objects/Elements to v2.0



Stage is now Step

The object previously named ‘Stage’ is now a ‘Step’ (StimJobStep).

Stim flow path is now optional

While very important, the flow path information is not always available. In the previous version of the stim job object, flow path was required, which hindered data transfer if flow path data was not available. Making it optional means it easier to transfer other stimulation job data even when flow path data is not available.

Most elements on the StimFlowPath object have been moved to either StimJobStage or StimJobStep.

Treatment-related elements

Some elements were removed (because they were not being used) and the remaining elements moved to “Kind”.

Custom data deleted

It was not being used.

Stim Material Catalog

New object added for each stimulation job. Use of this catalog eliminates the need to repeat material data on each stage; now it may be referenced from the catalog and only listed once per job.


Has been moved to the new material library and additional ISO properties can be provided. For more information, see 9.3.3 Specifying Stim Fluid, Materials, and Material Quantities.

Plural (a.k.a., “containers”) no longer used.

Previous version of the StimJob object (and WITSML) required use of a plural object (to group together multiple occurrences of an object). This convention was eliminated by the Energistics CTA.

Wellbore geometry

Wellbore geometry step number in stage and has been moved to the flow path object.

NEW: Reference to WITSML Logs

The stim job object can now reference related logs in WITSML using the data object reference of the Energistics CTA.