Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Well fluids are used to provide hydrostatic pressure, stabilize the hole (drilling mud), suspend and transport debris and cuttings to the surface, and cool the bit. Many factors and properties impact the quality and performance of fluids, so those attributes are captured in the fluids object. For example, water quality impacts the mixing of water-based drilling muds and the effectiveness of additives, such as potassium chloride to inhibit clay swelling. Well fluid temperatures can also greatly affect the properties of drilling fluids with solids suspension and the overall life and performance of additives. The properties and quality of completion fluids can impact the overall productivity of a well further so capturing those fluid properties can be crucial when troubleshooting future production problems.

The fluid object has been designed to be used with all types of well-related fluids (drilling, completions, etc.). As such, not all elements apply to all types of fluids. Most elements are optional; only provide data for elements applicable to a particular fluid type.

Figure UML model of the fluids report object.