12.4.6 DrillActivityCode

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For StandardWITSML v2.0

A code to specify the drilling activity.

Table 12.4.6-1 Attributes






abandonment -- log plugs


abandonment -- run plugs


abandonment -- wait on cement






cement -- circulate


cement -- other


cement -- rig up


cement -- wait on cement




circulate -- boulder or gravel


circulate -- casing


circulate -- cementing


circulate -- circulate samples


circulate -- coring


circulate -- drilling


circulate -- fishing


circulate -- gumbo attack


circulate -- logging


circulate -- lost circulation


circulate -- well control


completion operations


completion operations -- gravel packing


completion operations -- logging


completion operations -- rig up


completion operations -- running liner


completion operations -- tear down


completion operations -- testing


cond mud




coring -- conventional


coring -- flow check


coring -- laydown barrel


coring -- oriented


coring -- plastic sleeve


coring -- rig up core barrel


coring -- sponge




deviation survey


deviation survey -- dir multi-shot


deviation survey -- dir single shot


deviation survey -- drift


deviation survey -- gyro


deviation survey -- MWD


dir work


dir work -- horizontal drilling


dir work -- motor drilling


dir work -- orient


dir work -- rotary drilling


dir work -- slant drilling




drilling -- casing


drilling -- connection


drilling -- drill cement


drilling -- flow check


drilling -- hole opening


drilling -- new hole


drilling -- sidetracking


drilling -- under-reaming




DST -- cased hole


DST -- lay down tools


DST -- open hole


DST -- open hole closed chamber


DST -- rig up tools




fishing -- BHA


fishing -- casing


fishing -- cones


fishing -- other


fishing -- stuck pipe


fishing -- wireline tools


float equip




HSE -- hold drill


HSE -- incident


HSE -- safety meeting




mill -- cut casing or tubing


mill -- milling




nipple up BOP


nipple up BOP -- diverter


nipple up BOP -- manifold


nipple up BOP -- other


nipple up BOP -- PVT system


nipple up BOP -- stack


plug back


plug back -- abandonment


plug back -- kick off plug


plug back -- lost circulation


plug back -- wait on cement


plug back -- well control


pressure test


pressure test -- BOP manifold


pressure test -- BOP stack


pressure test -- form integrity test


pressure test -- form leak off test


pressure test -- packer


pressure test -- PIT




reaming -- back reaming


reaming -- coring


reaming -- drill


reaming -- logging


reaming -- under-reaming


rig move


rig move -- anchor handling


rig move -- inter-pad move


rig move -- inter-well move


rig move -- jack up or down


rig move -- other


rig move -- position rig


rig move -- skid rig


rig release


rig release -- cut casing


rig release -- install capping assembly


rig release -- MOB or DE-MOB


rig repairs


rig repairs -- drawworks


rig repairs -- electrical


rig repairs -- mud system


rig repairs -- other


rig repairs -- rotary


rig repairs -- subsea equipment


rig repairs -- well control equipment


rig service


rig service -- lubricate rig


rig service -- test equipment


rig up or tear down


rig up or tear down -- rig up


rig up or tear down -- site work


rig up or tear down -- tear down


run casing


run liner


run or pull riser


run or pull riser -- other


run or pull riser -- run or pull riser




slip drilling line


squeeze cement


squeeze cement -- casing repair


squeeze cement -- casing shoe


squeeze cement -- parted casing


squeeze cement -- perforations DST


stuck pipe


surface string handling


test completion


testing general


testing general -- equipment


testing general -- flow




tripping -- back-reaming


tripping -- flow check


tripping -- short trip in


tripping -- short trip out


tripping -- trip in (from surface)


tripping -- trip out (to surface)




wait -- daylight


wait -- environmental or regulatory


wait -- equipment


wait -- holiday


wait -- ice


wait -- on orders


wait -- operator


wait -- other


wait -- partners


wait -- service company


wait -- weather


well control


well control -- mix


well control -- shut in


well control -- strip


well control -- well kill


well srvc


well srvc -- casing repair


well srvc -- clean well to compl fluid


well srvc -- coiled tubing work


well srvc -- gravel pack


well srvc -- install or test xmas tree


well srvc -- kill well


well srvc -- land


well srvc -- perforate


well srvc -- pull completion


well srvc -- pull suspension plugs


well srvc -- run completion


well srvc -- run screens


well srvc -- sand control


well srvc -- stimulation


well srvc -- subsea work


well srvc -- surface line work


well srvc -- suspend well or pull BOPs


well srvc -- test well


well srvc -- wash


well srvc -- wireline work


well srvc -- work tubulars


well srvc -- workstring run


wireline logs


wireline logs -- abandonment


wireline logs -- evaluation


wireline logs -- form tester


wireline logs -- other


wireline logs -- side wall cores


wireline logs -- velocity

Table 12.4.6-2 Associations



From: DrillActivityCode.

To: TypeEnum



From: DrillActivity.

To: DrillActivityCode



From: DrillReportControlIncidentInfo.

To: DrillActivityCode