12.25.19 EquipmentType

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Specifies the values for type of equipment.

Table 12.25.19-1 Attributes




bridge plug


bull plug


capillary tubing


casing crossover


casing hanger


casing head


casing liner-expandable


casing shoe


casing spool


casing/casing liner


cement (behind casing)


cement basket


cement retainer


cement squeeze


cement stage tool


chemical injection mandrel


chemical injection valve


corrosion coupon carrier


dip tube


downhole choke


downhole sensor


ESP assembly


ESP bolt on discharge


ESP bolt on intake


ESP bolt on motor base


ESP bolt on motor head


ESP cable


ESP gas handler


ESP gas separator


ESP lower pigtail


ESP motor


ESP motor base centralizer


ESP motor flat cable


ESP motor shroud


ESP promotor


ESP pump


ESP pump discharge sensor sub


ESP seal


expansion joint


external cementing port






float collar


float shoe/guide shoe


gas anchor


gas lift mandrel


gas lift valve


gravel pack screen


hydraulic pump


injection mandrel


injection valve


junk in wellbore


landing collar


liner entry guide


liner hanger


mule shoe


notched collar


on-off tool






packer plug


packer-multiple strings


packoff (tubing)


pcp-flex shaft intake


pcp-gear reducer (subsurface)


pcp-no turn tool/torque anchor






pcp-tag bar


plug - cement


plug - mud


plunger lift ball


plunger lift bottom hole bumper assembly


plunger lift bumper spring


plunger lift collar stop


plunger lift plunger


polished rod


polished rod liner


ported collar


profile nipple


profile nipple plug


pump-out plug


sand screen-tubing


sand separator


screen liner/insert


seal assembly


seal bore extension


seat nipple/shoe


shear tool


sliding sleeve


steam cup mandrel


steam deflectors


strainer nipple


subsurface safety valve


sucker rod


sucker rod backoff coupling


sucker rod pump-insert


sucker rod pump-jacket


sucker rod pump-tubing pump barrel


sucker rod pump-tubing pump plunger


sucker rod sub


sucker rod-continuous


sucker rod-ribbon


sucker rod-sinker bar


tcp gun




tubing (coiled)


tubing anchor/catcher


tubing crossover


tubing drain


tubing hanger


tubing head (spool)


tubing purge check valve


tubing sub


wellbore notes




wireline re-entry guide (bell collar)



Table 12.25.19-2 Associations



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