1.4.3 ML Resources

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardCTA v2.1

The download of an Energistics domain standard includes these ML-specific resources.



XSD files

Schemas (XSD files) for the domain data objects, which are contained in the folder with the domain name (per the example in Figure 1.4.1-1 (right)).

NOTE: The Energistics common folder is Included as part of the package when you download any of the Energistics domain standards.

UML Data Model (XMI file)

The UML data model that developers and architects can explore for better understanding of data objects, definitions, organization, and relationships, in context. Used to generate the XSD files and technical reference documents.

NOTE: Energistics saves the UML model as an XMI file, a format that can be imported by any UML data modeling tool.

<ML> Technical Usage Guide

Describes the data model, related key concepts, and other details to help develops understand and implement the schemas.

<ML> Technical Reference Guide

Lists and defines packages, data objects, elements, and relationships for the objects in the data model. Produced from the UML model package from which the XSD files are produced.

<ML> Business Overview Guide

Provides the business case for the domain standard and lists available use cases. (Currently only RESQML has this document.)