3.4.9 Messages for WitsmlSoap Protocol (8)

Topic Version1Published10/31/2016
For StandardETP v1.1

Stability: 1 - Experimental

The WitsmlSoap protocol can be used to simplify the use of WITSMLv1.4.1 and earlier over ETP. While it is possible to simply expose both the SOAP and WebSocket endpoints, the use of this protocol makes it easier for clients because they only use a single connection. The messages are an exact transcription of the SOAP messages from the WSDL (which is unchanged since WITSML v1.2).

Note that the expectation is that this protocol will be used in conjunction with Protocol 1 for the realtime services. As such, not all of the WITSML store behaviors need to be supported. In particular, the change log and message objects do not need to be supported.

ProtocolID: 8

Defined Roles: n/a

Figure 3.4.9-1 : WitsmlSoap