2.5.5 Determine Which Wellbore Child Objects a User has Access to

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW20 v1


Description of how to do this task


Send a GetFromStore request for each child object type, e.g., bhaRun, log, mudLog, etc., with a template containing uid, uidWell, uidWellbore, name, nameWell and nameWellbore.


To recursively discover the supported data object types below a wellbore: use the Discovery protocol, send a GetResources message with the URI of a specific wellbore, e.g. eml://witsml20/Wellbore(uuid).

When a customer sends a GetResources message with a specific data object’s URI, the store returns folder resources for each supported data object type at that level of the object hierarchy. For more information, see 5 Discovering the Content of a Store (Protocol 3: Discovery) .