5 Discovering the Content of a Store (Protocol 3: Discovery)

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW20 v1

Protocol Stability Index:3– Stable (for more information on stability indexes, see 1.1.2 ETP Protocols in Scope ).

In previous versions of WITSML, each data object (except for well) was required to be a child of a wellbore. In the v2.0+ Energistics CTA, most data objects are now top-level objects (TLO). So objects that are not children of wellbore (e.g., rig) can be accessed directly. For more information, see 2.4.1 WITSML Hierarchies .

This chapter describes Protocol 3 (P3), discovery behavior for stores. Sections 5.1 through 5.4 are replicated from the ETP Specification (ETP_Specification_v1.1_DoETPW20_c_v1.1.pdf, Section 2.3.4)