1.1.2 ETP Protocols in Scope

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW20 v1.1

The table below lists the ETP protocols that are in scope for this version of WITSML and lists references to the implementation details in this document.

ETP uses a stability index to indicate the maturity level of each protocol. This approach allows evolutionary development of the protocols, while allowing people to make informed decisions for an implementation plan (e.g., implement the stable protocols first).

More information is available in this implementation spec for the stable protocols. However, as SIG members continue to work on developing and implementing the protocols, learnings from that work will also be captured in this document.

Protocol Number and Name


Stability Index

Protocol 0: Core

Creates and manages ETP sessions.

Observes standard ETP behavior. No ML-specific tailoring required. For ETP message examples for WITSML v2.0, see 3 Making a Connection (Protocol 0: Core) .

3 - Stable

Protocol 1: ChannelStreaming

Defines a set of messages for exchanging channel-oriented data, where a channel is a time or depth series of individual data points.

For WITSML v2.0 implementation details, see 4 Streaming Channel Data (Protocol 1: ChannelStreaming) .

3 - Stable

Protocol 3: Discovery

Uses a RESTful (representational state transfer) approach to enable store customers to enumerate and understand the contents of store of data objects.

For WITSML v2.0 implementation details, see 5 Discovering the Content of a Store (Protocol 3: Discovery) .

3 - Stable

Protocol 4: Store

Used to perform CRUD operations (create, retrieve, update and delete) on data objects in a store.

For WITSML v2.0 implementation details, see 6 Interacting with a Store (Protocol 4: Store) .

3 - Stable

Protocol 5: StoreNotification

Used to allow store customers to receive notification of changes to data objects in the store in an event-driven manner.

For WITSML v2.0 implementation details, see 7 Subscribing to Change Notices (Protocol 5: StoreNotification) .

2 - Unstable

Protocol 6: GrowingObject

Used to manage the growing parts of data objects that are index based (i.e., time and depth) but are not appropriate for Protocol 1.

2 - Unstable