7 Subscribing to Change Notices (Protocol 5: StoreNotification)

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW20 v1

Protocol Stability Index:2 – Unstable (for more information on stability indexes, see 1.1.2 ETP Protocols in Scope ).

StoreNotification (P5) is used to notify customers when event-driven changes occur to objects in the store. Customers subscribe and have the option to receive notification only or notifications and the changed object (by checking the includeObjectData flag).

Customer applications subscribe to receive change notifications on specific data objects.

P5 replaces and extends the functionality provided by the changeLog object in previous versions of WITSML.

NOTE: Channel data and growing object parts are not included in change notifications. Subscriptions to those objects are made with the Protocol 1 ChannelDescribe message. For more information, see 4.3.2 ChannelDescribe Message .

NOTE: Any object that is “object notifiable” (that is, its Resource record has an objectNotifiable flag set to “true” as described in Section in the ETP Specification) can be described in Protocol 5.