19.7.6 DAS Processed

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The DAS Processed object (DasProcessed) contains data objects for processed data types and has no data attributes. Currently only two processed data types have been defined: the frequency band extracted (FBE) and spectra. In the future other processed data types may be added.

Note that a DasProcessed object is optional and only present if DAS FBE or DAS spectra data is exchanged.

Multiple FBE and spectra groups may be used with a DasProcessed object. Multiple groups of FBE bands could be exchanged, for example, one group with linearly distributed frequency bands (e.g. two bands: 0.01-10.00 Hz and 10.01-20.00 Hz) and another group with logarithmically distributed frequency bands (e.g. three bands: 0.1-1.0 Hz, 1.0-10.0 Hz and 10.0-100.0 Hz). In the HDF5 file these group must then be named Fbe[1] and group Fbe[2] with the number added in square brackets [n]. If there is only one FBE or Spectra group, then the brackets and number can be omitted. In the XML file this is not necessary. For an example, see Figure 19.5.2-1 .