25.3 Further Information on Product Flow Network

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Product Flow Network has not been updated during the development of PRODML version 2 (other than to adopt the style of XML as defined in the CTA). There is no exhaustive usage guide for product volume, product flow model and time series, as can work together as outlined in Chapter 24 Product Volume , this chapter and Chapter 26 Time Series . There are however documentation sources which use version 1.x examples but which are still applicable to version 2 since the data model has not changed.

  • A companion document as described in Section 24.3 Product Volume Associated with Product Flow Model , entitled PRODML Product Volume, Network Model and Time Series Usage Guide and it can be found in the folder: energyml\data\prodml\v2.0\doc in the Energistics downloaded files. Extracts from that document have been included here. The document shows PRODML v1.x style schemas and examples but the data model has not changed in v2.x.
  • The Optical Path usage of Product Flow Network is shown in Section 14.3.3 Optical Path Network Representation .