6.4.5 Transfer and Terminal Lifting as Dispositions within Periodic Asset Production Volumes Reporting

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Transfer and terminal lifting data can be included as dispositions within the periodic asset production volumes reporting. This is in addition to their being able to be reported in an event-driven manner as standalone data objects for the reasons explained in Section 5.5 Transfer and Tanker Lifting . The standalone examples are shown in Sections 6.4.3 Transfer and 6.4.4 Terminal Lifting . The embedded example of the same data is shown in Figure 6.4.5-1 .

Note these key points about this way of reporting transfer and terminal lifting:

  • Transfer and terminal lifting are available as specific types of disposition (red boxes). Note: All other types of dispositions than these two are typed “product disposition” with an enumeration to define the kind of disposition. See the example in Figure 6.3.2-2 .
  • The same elements that can be included in the standalone version can also be included in this embedded version. The example shows the elements tanker and transfer direction for illustration (green boxes).
  • The UUID of the standalone data object is not included in the embedded version (because this data object has the UUID of the parent asset production volumes). The example here shows the remark element used to refer to the event-driven transfer by UUID (purple arrow).
Figure 6.4.5-1 Transfer and terminal lifting optional inclusion in asset production volumes period report.