27.1 WellTest Data Object Overview

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The WellTest data object is a standalone object for exchanging well tests of certain types. It is a companion object to the product volume object described in Chapter 24 Product Volume . It has a set of identifying elements and common elements, and then one of three types of well test is defined. The three types are:

  • Production test
  • Injection test
  • Fluid level test

The production and injection tests support inclusion of volumes produced, or flow rates during the test.

Note that pressure transient well testing is not supported by this WellTest data object, nor by other Energistics data models, except in the wireline formation testing context in the WftRun data object (see 23 Wireline Formation Tester ). The term ‘well test’ refers here just to steady-state conditions testing.

The data object also supports validation of the well test, allowing a series of validation steps to be recorded by step kind.

The schema is relatively simple, stand alone, and should be understandable by looking at the UML diagram or the schema in a development environment.

The patterns in the well test schema follow those in the product volume schema, and hence well test can be thought of as a companion data exchange model to product volume.

The well test data object is reasonably comprehensive and also flexible and, like the product volume object as described in Section 24.1 Usage of Product Volume vs. Simple Product Volume Reporting , the flexibility comes at the price of some complexity. Because of this drawback mentioned above, and the desire to have a simple standard for volume reporting, the Simple Product Volume Reporting (SPVR) capability has been added to PRODML. It is believed that parties wanting to exchange production well test data without needing the additional data and flexibility allowed by well test will chose to standardize on SPVR. For full details on SPVR, see 3 Introduction to Simple Product Volume Report Objects to 7 Appendix for Simple Product Volume .

SPVR includes two objects suitable for well test data: Production WellTest and the Well Production Parameters. For details, see 5.4 Well Tests and Well Production Parameters , 6.4.1 Production Well Test , and 6.4.2 Well Production Parameters . These objects offer fewer options and functionality than well test, but as is the case for SPVR versus Product Volume (see 24.1 Usage of Product Volume vs. Simple Product Volume Reporting ), the intention is that the simple objects will be easier to understand and implement for most purposes.